Hi there . I'm George Livanos .

Thanks for checking out my website!

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I have been drawing, painting & photographing since before I could even walk ! I got the gene from my mum who is also a painter... I drew all throughout my junior grades and high school getting lots of medals from my teachers. After finishing  high school I spent a few years drifting from odd-job to odd-job, both locally and overseas in non art related disciplines. But I always kept drawing and I always took photographs. I managed to sell a few as well.

Later on I enrolled at the Western Sydney Institute of TAFE where I obtained a technical Diploma in Architecture, then after that obtaining a Bachelor of Building Design in Architectural studies from Central Queensland University.

From my experience in architecture I can transfer many things to photography: I have an eye for detail, an immense imagination, know how to frame a scene in my head, and perhaps most importantly I have a personality which makes people comfortable and relaxed around me. I believe this last skill especially is what sets me apart from other photographers, and why customers come back to me after the first job and become regular customers. Plus, I have a talent for showing your personality in your portrait.

Living in Sydney for all my life makes me a true local. I know the best spots, funky locations, the buildings and the culture, the best scenery for your photos. I'd love to photograph your upcoming wedding, corporate head photo, graduation, engagement, restaurant, real estate listing !

Feel free to get in touch with me !

George 0405 678 191